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June 4th - 11th, 2016
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In Memory Of Angelique Shar'dae Ladson
(March 16, 1989 - November 20, 2010)
My Late Granddaughter Ange
My Late Granddaughter Ange
At Her Senior Prom

In Memory Of Angelique Slide Video
Ange From A Baby To An Adult

To Help Support, Advocate And Fight For Better Treatments And Cures  Of Rare And Other Lymphoma Cancers, Breast, Bladder, And Other Cancers.  

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"A Change Is Gonna Come" Beautiful Video Below
In Memory Of Angelique
And Others Worldwide
No Longer With Us

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Sam Cooke: A Change Is Gonna Come
Appreciating this song, as we look foward to the day when there will be no more, sickness, death, pain, sorrow, mourning or outcry. These will be things of the past, for God has promised, "Look, I'm Making All Things New." Rev 21:3, 4
To The World
Please, Let Us All Pray For The People In Places
That Are Losing Their Lives In Wars And Riots, Displaced Migrants, Worldwide, With Out A Place To Call Home, People Without Enough Food To Eat, People In Places Without Electricity Or Heat For The Cold Weather, No Cool Air For The Terribly Hot Summers, Due To Global Warming, Innocent People Being Shot Down And Killed, Places Experiencing Terrible Weather, Other Tragedies, People That Have Lost Love Ones In Death And Are Grieving And Sad, People That Have Lost Their Jobs And Homes, Homeless People,  Marriages That Are In Trouble, Those Sick With Rare Lymphoma Cancers,  Breast Cancer, Other Cancers, Other Physical And Mental Diseases And Disabilities, Various Other Sicknesses, Pain, Suffering, Sorrow, Heartaches And For People All Over The World.
Nevertheless, Let Us Give Thanks To God For Giving Us This Earth, The Breath Of Life And So Many Other Wonderful Things . Let Us Take The Bitter With The Sweet And Make Sure To Give Thanks Daily And Continue To Give Him The Praise And Honor That He Deserves.
Most Importantly, For Future, Everlasting Cures, Let Us Continue To Pray, As We Have, Since We Were Children, "Let Your Kingdom Come. Let Your Will Be Done, On Earth, As It Is In Heaven." Amen.
"Have A Nice Day"
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This website is dedicated to my late granddaughter, Angelique S. Ladson, 21 years old, who is in the above, beautiful, sweet, loving picture and in several pictures, below, on this website. She died of a rare, Peripheral Lymphoma type cancer, called Hepatosplenic Gamma-Delta T-Cell Lymphoma. It is, also, dedicated to my father, his brother, sister, niece and other relatives that died of many other types cancer. It is dedicated to relatives and others that are cancer survivors, to my late husband, that died of an aggressive bladder cancer, in 2014, and to myself, who is a breast cancer survivor. 

You Can Read My Cancer Story At https://goo.gl/lQxfLW  

In Memory Of My Late Husband
Alfred Thomas, Sr.
May 29, 1951 - June 29, 2014
      We Were Married November 1980
 My Husband And I At Our Vow Ceremony
            And Wedding Reception
       A Month Later December 1980
It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart, at this moment, this website is also dedicated to my husband, who just recently, on June 29, 2014, died of a terrible and, very, aggressive bladder cancer. 

I was still grieving my granddaughter, when my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer, in early 2013.
God, through prayers, gives us the strength to keep standing, as we go through hard times.
Losing a love one to a terrible disease is, very, devastating and sad. 

The rare lymphoma cancer that attacked my granddaughter is like a monster, because it is fierce, very aggressive, very hard to treat, prognosis for survival is poor and by the time a patient starts feeling sick and running a very high fever, it is out of control and acting like a ferocious monster, attacking every organ in the body, one after the other, the bone marrow and the circulatory system.

To make matters worse, this rare lymphoma cancer is also sub-divided into even smaller categories, according to characteristics.

Angelique's lymphoma fell under a very tiny category, where she was about the 20th patient  worldwide, ever diagnosed with the terrible disease, according to the Hematology Oncology team of specialists at MUSC (Medical University Of South Carolina) where she was diagnosed, treated and shortly afterwards, died.  

Video In Memory Of Angelique And Others No Longer With Us
The Emotions - Flowers

                                Angelique Just Before She Got Sick
                           Angelique's High School Graduation 2008       
                       And Her baby Serenity Q'Anne With Aunt Tisha
She attended both her junior and senior year proms and graduated from high school in 2008. She wanted to be a Radiology Technician and was attending the local technical college. She had a part-time job, her own car and apartment. She leaves behind family members and friends who loves her dearly and especially a beautiful, 3 year old daughter who looks just like her. Her daughter misses her so much and is always asking "Where is my mommie?" This breaks my heart. She was just starting out, full of life and had wonderful plans for her and her daughter's future.

   Ange and her baby,  Serenity Q'Anne
Even though an experience such as this is so heartbreaking and sometimes, seems unbearable, we must, through our grief and tears, do the very best that we can to go on and not give up.  We continue to pray and look to research, science and doctors for more, better treatments and even cures.  After seeing what this disease did to Angelique, I joined Advocacy At The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as an advocate, became a member of The National Organization Of Rare Disorders (NORD) and my family and I have also started a non-profit organization at this website, in memory of Angelique, that will advocate finding a test for early detection, before a person even starts feeling sick, better treatment after diagnosis and hopefully a cure. I am advocating that the specialist giving the diagnosis and prognosis be up front and completely truthful with the family, instead of holding back the complete truth and immediately start experimenting with  harsh drugs, which can make the patient's life even shorter and also that the public be educated more on rare lymphoma cancers. We became familiar with this type of cancer only after it touched my family and we lost our love one in death.

 Ange and her Mom, Nissa Nicole (Nikki)

           Ange and me (Grandma)
So, therefore, in memory of my late granddaughter Angelique Shar'dae Ladson I dance to help me deal with my grief and sadness. It makes me feel so much better. I speak to others about my cancer experience that I also dealt with during 2010 and about being a survivor, before my granddaughter got sick.  I speak to others about the terrible lymphoma cancer that my granddaughter fought for (37) days, after being diagnosed, in October 2010.  I also speak to people about many of my family members that died of various cancers.  I speak to individuals and small groups when the subject comes up. When I speak to others, it makes me feel better. Talking about it is like therapy.
I love doing the various slides, line dances and swing dance.  I also love coaching and consulting others, so far as these dances are concerned. Dance can make a world of difference in our everyday lives, because we experience all kinds of ups, downs, hardships, sorrow, pain and grief.
So, I say to you, “Dance  and talk, even if the sickness or death happened recently, a short while back or years ago, and you have been carrying the grief and sadness in your heart". If you, personally, have been dealing with an illness that you were diagnosed with recently or a while back, contact us and tell us about it. I say to you  "Dance and talk."
Contact us, even if you put it on paper or email us. Tell us about your grief and sadness experience. Make sure to also tell us about your dancing experience. If you created a new slide or line dance or is trying to learn one that you heard about, we are very excited to hear about it. Doing these things mean that you are turning your grief and sadness into something positive and on the road to a more rewarding and happier life.

Video My Children Dedicated To Me, Mary (Ma) As Caregiver, Wife, Widow
Mother, Grandmother And Great Grandmother.
Celine Dion's - Cause You Loved Me

So I Dance, To Help Me , As I Grieve

Line Dance Demonstration Video Of Me (Grandma)
In Memory Of Angelique, My Late Husband, Other Family Members And Others Worldwide That Are No Longer With Us.

In Memory Of Angelique Shar'dae Ladson
Donations at this site are voluntary contributions that will help support, fight, advocate, educate and promote awareness in the endeavor to find more and better treatments and a cure for the rare lymphoma cancer Angelique died of and other rare cancers.  We want you to visit us anytime and feel encouraged, even if a contribution is never made. Your visit to our site and just taking out time to read is appreciated so much by our family.  Please visit as much as you like, as we continue to work on making this site more informative, educational and entertaining. Stay tuned for more  "Slide And Line Dance Demonstrations" coming your way, right here, at this site, performed by none other than "me" and sometimes others, accompanying me, for your entertainment and enjoyment. So, stay tuned, by always visiting us.  We look forward to your next visit. 
You Can Also Donate To Help Advocate And Support By Purchasing Lymphoma
And Other Cancer Awareness Items At
Entertainment for today: You are privileged to listen to some great songs with a message, watch and learn some Line Dance Demonstrations, listen to some songs that sends a message to the world and some songs that will make you want to get up and move. Please enjoy.
Entertainment #1
In Memory Of My Late Husband
Alfred Thomas, Sr.
May 29, 1951 - June 29, 2014
Songs He Loved That Will Always Remind Me And The Family Of Him
He loved Marvin, The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Lenny Williams, Betty Wright, Aretha And Many More From The 50s, 60s,
70s and 80s
(Marvin In Love)
(Marvin Concerned About The World)
(Marvin And Tammi)

(Others He Loved)





Dedicated To Everyone Worldwide
(Song With A Message #1 "Feel The Love" - Lina)

(Song With A Message #2 "Pain In My Heart" - Otis)

(Song With A Message #3 "Hunter Captured By Game" - Marvelettes)
(Song With A Message #4 "Blowin In The Wind"  - Stevie)

Entertainment #2
(Line Dance Demonstration #1. Join In If You Know It Or Try Learning)
Soul Food Line Dance - Choreographer Lorenzo "GoLo" Evans Teaches

(Line Dance Demonstration #2. "Go Hard Or Go Home" Line Dance) Being  Taught By Line Dance Instructor Sandy Thompson In Columbia, SC

(Line Dance Demonstration #3. "Godfrey Groove" Line Dance) Also Being Taught By Line Dance Instructor Sandy Thompson In Columbia, SC
Entertainment #3
(Love Song #1 For Today - Marvin & Tammi)

(Love Song #2 For Today - Billy Currington)

 (Love Song #3 For Today - Aretha)

(Love Song #4 For Today - Brad Paisley)
Entertainment #4
I (Grandma) Just Love This Song And Want To Hear It Everyday - David)
Entertainment #5
(This Song Makes Me Want To Move - The OJays)
You Can Also Donate To Help Advocate And Support By Purchasing Lymphoma And
Other Cancer Awareness Items At  


Thank you for your support and all acts of kindness extended.

Mary Ladson Thomas
So, I Dance
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