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Who Is Slide Line Swing?

This is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization, incorporated and duly organized, under the laws, of the State Of South Carolina. It is registered with Guidestar and supported by voluntary donations and contributions. It was set up in memory of my, late, granddaughter, Angelique S. Ladson, 21 years old, that died on November 20, 2010, of a rare disease called Hepatosplenic Gamma Delta T-Cell Lymphoma. There is no cure. It is, very, hard to treat and the prognosis for survival is poor. Our family was heart broken and, very, sad to see our love one sick and die, shortly after being diagnosed. We felt, so, helpless. Our grief has been tremendous.

I have found comfort in telling others about my granddaughter's sickness, my family's experience with cancer, as well as my own cancer experience. I have also found comfort when I do the various slide, line, and swing dances and when I demonstrate these dances to others.

Through prayers and with the help of holy spirit, we will teach and educate families and the community about these rare diseases, using literature, public speaking, listening, encouraging, caring, sympathizing, empathizing, helping and giving in as many ways as possible, extending words of comfort to the sad and grieving, as well as assisting them financially when a relative is hospitalized or being laid to rest, set up dance sessions to promote better health physically, mentally and spititually, award future scholarships in the Radiology Technician field, Critical Nursing and Dance field, and anything else we can to do to help fight and advocate, for people that get sick with rare lymphomas, cancers, other diseases, depression, sadness, grief and other areas that help is needed.

Mission And Goal

We encourage as many people as possible, worldwide, as well as my family and I, to turn grief, sadness, hurt and pain into something positive, for a more happier and better quality life. Advocating the awareness and fighting for those that are sick, with these rare diseases, is a step in the right direction and a way for us to start healing. We advocate finding a test for early detection, more and better treatments, a cure for the rare lymphoma that my granddaugthter died of, cures for other rare lymphomas, rare cancers and other rare diseases. We advocate complete truth from doctors, when they give a diagnosis and prognosis. We advocate easy-to-understand education from doctors about these rare diseases to be available to everyone. We are, also, advocating and encouraging dance as a way to help ease the grief, sadness and pain, we feel. when we lose a love one in death or watch them being, very, sick with these rare diseases. We feel that if enough people advocate and fight, this will make a difference in helping to prevent these rare diseases and, even, one day find cures.

Information About Us:

Slide Line Swing, Inc.

In Memory Of Angelique S. Ladson

1816 Postfoot Circle

P O Box 1634

Georgetown, South Carolina 29440

Board Members

Mary Ladson Thomas (Founder)

(843) 546-7496

(843) 240-4525

Nissa Ladson-Gill (Director)      

Alfred Thomas, Jr. (Asst. Director)

If your call goes to voicemail, please leave a message. You will be contacted.

Thank you.

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