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Donate to help support, fight and advocate for testing, more and better treatments and a cure for rare lymphoma cancers and other cancers.

In Memory Of Angelique Shar'dae Ladson

"And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." Rev 21:4

We continue to pray for this day, as expressed, at the above scripture. In the mean time, we have work to do, because imperfect mankind continues to be plagued with diseases, sicknesses, pain and the enemy death. Testing, more and better treatments and a cure will extend life and, even, sometimes, allows a love one to have a better, quality life, for a long or a short time. Everyday we live is a gift and a blessing from God above. We continue to pray, each day, that doctors and researchers, through holy spirit, will find out more about these rare lymphomas and cancers that destroys, kills and tears out the hearts of family members, when they see their love ones suffer and, many times, fall asleep in death, as they watch, feeling, so, helpless. So, we advocate and fight, to combat this helpless feeling.

I will not give up and will continue to advocate through public speaking, dancing, teaching, giving, helping, encouraging, comforting, crying and whatever, else, I can do to memorialize my granddaughter and to help others that are going through the same thing, now, or for those who will experience it in the future.

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Me (Grandma) And Ange In Bronx, New York

At Her Mother's Graduation Party June 2006

"With Love"

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"I Will Dance"

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