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In Memory Of Angelique Shar'dae Ladson

Angelique 2010 shortly before she got sick.

Angelique's Baby Serenity Q'Anne in 2008.

Angelique And Serenity At Graduation 2008

Angelique's Boyfriend Edmund (Ed)

Serenity's Dad

A Terrific Father

At Serenity's 1st. Birthday Party 2009

Angelique And Serenity

At Her 1st. Birthday Party 2009

Serenity Q'Anne now at age 3.

In school at Daycare

Ange at her Mom's graduation party Bronx, NY 2006

Ange, her Mom Nikki and her Step Dad Eddie

At her Mom's graduation party Bronx, NY 2006.

Bedtime at her parents Bronx, NY 2006.

Angelique Striking A Pose In Grandma's Yard

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